Game of Thrones recap for Season 8 - everything you need to know

  • What’s happening in Game of Thrones Season 8? What’s going on with Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, Jaime, Tyrion, Sansa, Arya and the rest?
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    • Scott Geiger
      Scott Geiger 22 שעות לפני

      Does this mean you won't be doing a more-detailed analysis of each episode like you've done in past years?

    • Ken G
      Ken G יום לפני

      @Alt Shift X - I had a thought concerning the dragon horn Euron has in the books.
      Is it possible that this horn that no mortal man may blow that controls dragons, is actually a weapon of the White Walkers created during the long night? That the ancient Targaryens brought it back after the events of the long night to safe guard?
      Perhaps this horn can't be destroyed and can only be hidden. If the White Walkers were to reclaim that horn....

    • blueberry smasher
      blueberry smasher יום לפני

      What do you think of Looper's (et al) theory that the "old friend" Bran was referring to and waiting on wasn't actually Jamie, but Theon?

    • SPQR IUS
      SPQR IUS 2 ימים לפני

      Good Heavens, I remember when Alt Shift X was just a lil' youtuber [pinch cheeks].
      Look at how big he's grown! [scruffs hair].
      Can't wait for this season's review magic.
      Should be one for the ages.

  • Goldenhalk
    Goldenhalk 5 שעות לפני +3

    This video is now turning into a waiting room for Alt Shift X's Recap of Episode 1 S8.......

  • Sylvester Curry
    Sylvester Curry 6 שעות לפני

    If Daenerys never meets ghost I’ll probably hate the show forever

  • Marija Djurovic
    Marija Djurovic 6 שעות לפני

    @altshiftx Are you working on a review for the latest episode? Would love to hear ur thoughts!

  • Skolastika Lupitawina
    Skolastika Lupitawina 6 שעות לפני

    It's not a proper Alt Shift X video without Cleganebowl hype pew pew

  • Richard V.
    Richard V. 6 שעות לפני

    Yo!!! Its taking too long!!!

  • Aditi Wairkar
    Aditi Wairkar 7 שעות לפני

    Please make a video about the Crypts of Winterfell and Ice Dragon!

  • slitor
    slitor 7 שעות לפני

    Ok....meta reasonings, but I don't think Dany will win the throne, maybe the best outcome for her is to go back across the sea to ensure her brave new world metamorphoses correctly. But anything could happen, but worst case scenario is that she looses her perspective.

  • 2Corfive17
    2Corfive17 8 שעות לפני +3

    dafuq is the episode 1 vid?

  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown 11 שעות לפני +1

    keep up the great work!

  • M D
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    Where’s the episode 1 breakdown??

  • EmoPro93
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    Hot pie

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    Jorah = Sir Friend Zone

  • Parth Marathe
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    Dude where is the explanation of 1st episode

  • Sanket Bora
    Sanket Bora 17 שעות לפני +5

    Its friday today. Havent seen the Breakdown of E01!! When are you uploading the same?

  • Stinky D Shinjin
    Stinky D Shinjin 20 שעות לפני +3

    Hey asshole, where's the fucking analysis

  • Frankske Verstraeten
    Frankske Verstraeten 22 שעות לפני

    Wait how is Brienne more beautiful than cersei?

  • Frankske Verstraeten
    Frankske Verstraeten 22 שעות לפני +4

    Episode 1 still not reviewed

  • Ryan
    Ryan 22 שעות לפני +1

    You gonna upload S8E01 explained or what?

  • J Baran
    J Baran יום לפני

    I’ve been avoiding all spoilers for S8 since when I was in Europe for vacation so I can’t wait to watch it.

  • Eva Mooiman
    Eva Mooiman יום לפני

    Thank you!

  • Thor
    Thor יום לפני +1

    Dude, your Neuro Linguistic Programming Skills are good ... xD

  • Bolts 4
    Bolts 4 יום לפני +4

    Only thing i really dont like about this channel is how long it takes to release a new video. I know its a lot of work and it takes time (and you don´t owe new video to anybody), but I feel like you are doing this on purpose for some reason and its pretty damn annoying.

    • Sergiu
      Sergiu 23 שעות לפני +4

      In a way it's a good idea. He releases the video closer to the next episode so it can be fresh in your mind. Dude puts forward a theory and if its correct, you might notice it easier on Sunday. I give props to the guy, it takes allot of work if you don't have a big team, i wouldn't have the patience to make these huge storyboard type videos.

  • iara
    iara יום לפני

    I can't believe the younger beautiful queen was Jon snow all along

  • Morrissey
    Morrissey יום לפני +52

    When is the episode analysis coming out?

  • Olin Taft
    Olin Taft יום לפני

    Great work. How about a video about the Night King?

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    Where season 8 episode 1 recap at

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    Bro, please post the review videos a bit quicker :-) Still waiting for Episode 1 review

  • Alec Joseph
    Alec Joseph יום לפני

    What if Circe's child is a daughter and she dies in childbirth? It would be by Jaime kind of and someone younger and potentially more beautiful

    I THE PREACHER יום לפני

  • Aserium
    Aserium יום לפני +2

    Feelsbad, this channels declined so much in content that I've had to watch Talking Thrones more. Thought it would pick up more with the new season, looks like it's not. Episodes been out for like 3-4 days? and not even review video.. there goes my first resort Game of Thrones goto channel.

  • leaf stone
    leaf stone יום לפני +1

    will jaime kill night king cuz he is king slayer?

  • countrysweetie345
    countrysweetie345 יום לפני

    So I was just rewatching this episode and I noticed three interesting new images in the intro/theme song sequence. They are quick and subtle differences. I may be reading to much into it, but they could be important. The first is at Winterfell, when it takes us down into the crypts. While going through the torch lit corridor, where all the statues/tombs of the fallen Starks are on each side, there is only one statue that we can actually see with light. All the rest are completely dark. It appears to be a woman...maybe Lyanna? Second thing I noticed was that the carved face on the wierwood tree looks different than the previous seasons. It appears to be a rounder, fatter face...and call me crazy, but I feel like it kind of resembles Sam! The third thing I noticed was on one of the rings of the astrolabe. It shows a set of three figures. To the far left is a lion with a dark fish in its mouth. I’m guessing that either refers to the Lannister’s crushing the Tully’s and/or Blackfish. Or possibly instead of a kraken, they use a fish as a more subtle hint of the Lannister’s (Cersei) crushing Euron and the Ironborn. To the far right appears to be a White Walker with a dagger in one hand and the head of an animal in the other. It’s either a wolf or lion head!! The image is fast and not the clearest, so I’m struggling to tell which one. Then in the middle is a figure or mashup of figures hanging from a rope. I took screenshots of everything I mentioned. Let me know if there’s anyway I can send them to you. I’d love to get your opinion and interpretation!

  • The Enlightened Centrist
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    Waiting for the season premiere breakdown!

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    Love the chill commentary

    SOPOAE יום לפני

    hotpie is a survivor and he'll probably survive whatever happens lol

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    Episode review soon? IM JONESING MAN!

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    «Also, Pod fucks»

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    hot pie is the white king

  • FaLLeN
    FaLLeN יום לפני

    Beric has the last life after six lives so the last one is 7 because there are seven kingdoms

  • Balls Mcavoy
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    Waiting for 8x01 review brother

  • Richard Blocker
    Richard Blocker יום לפני

    Seriously bored by the series. Can't wait to see the final episodes and be done with it.

  • bhuuthesecond
    bhuuthesecond 2 ימים לפני

    My favourite supporting character is the Onion Knight.

  • Norbert Czinege
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    Hot Pie is Azor Ahai

  • Artur Lõhmus
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    Congrats on 1mil subs! Quality over quantity!

  • Winged Scapula
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    waiting on s8 episode 1 analyses :D

  • theonlyjesusboy
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    Also, Pod fucks

  • Marcus Allen
    Marcus Allen 2 ימים לפני

    Please do a cersei video

  • Yimmy P
    Yimmy P 2 ימים לפני

    I would love to see the Hound fighting the Mountain and he’s actually killed only to be resurrected by maybe Berric who then dies and the Hound calls upon the Lord of Light and summons a flaming sword. We know he’s seen into the flames so it would be good to see him overcome his fear of fire and death to kill his brother

  • Sudarshan
    Sudarshan 2 ימים לפני

    thanks mate. now i am good to go for season 8.

  • Ralph C
    Ralph C 2 ימים לפני

    What happened to Edmure Tully?

  • Mikkel Damlund
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    Also.. Pod fucks.

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    Hot pie is Azor Ahai

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    Watching old videos on repeat waiting for S08E01 recap, still no news? :(

  • fedupwithusernames
    fedupwithusernames 2 ימים לפני +3

    Loving the dry humor & super informative, structured recap. This is just what I needed to prepare for the new season.
    That part about Brienne made me tear up, she's my favorite. Hope she'll live.

  • Charles In charge
    Charles In charge 2 ימים לפני +1

    Game of thrones sucks

  • Nicholas Schoepfer
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    So glad to see this trending, great job.

  • Chawin Tan
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    Lyanna mormont isnt jorah's niece, shes jorah's first cousin

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    Grats on 1 mil subs

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass 2 ימים לפני

    I know what's in Daenerys future- 6 inches of Snow.
    Gives new meaning to
    "Winter is coming" , huh?

  • Ced Rolyes
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    *Jesus Christ is the only true God!*
    *The one God who rose from the dead and lives forever.*
    *Jesus Christ is the only one qualified to give us eternal life.*
    *also heal their bodies.*) 🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰 🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰 🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰 🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰 🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰🈸🈯🔰

  • Mike Jones
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    Jon and Dany's baby will take the throne

  • mopic312
    mopic312 2 ימים לפני

    By the way ALT Shift X, Robert was never an idiot, He only because a drunk after he was king, No more wars and probably despises politics, so he became a drunk and left all the ruling to the small council and the Hand of the King.

  • Raulandrus
    Raulandrus 2 ימים לפני

    Isn't Lyanna Mormont Jora's cousin?

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    Missandei is fucking hot mann

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    Rounding it off with Hot you should. Great summary.

  • asd zxcz
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    Recap is a recap, don't say what you think is going/not going to happen or what was in books ...

  • B Dev
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    This video was actually very well done but at the end I clicked and got sent to another dimension.

  • DewkChronic
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    Gendry is the real heir to the throne. Targaryans were over threw.

  • DewkChronic
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    30 seconds in the kid climbing the tree had rubber soles.

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    very very good

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    14:32 To be fair, it can be said of almost literally everyone in Westeros that they "will die in Westeros".

  • Jess Leighton
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    I thought Daenerys only dated the bloodthirsty type? What's she doing with Longsuffering Jon?

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    Congrats for a million subscribers!!

  • Matt Nifferson
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    Gendry's description though. Lol. 😂

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    I love that you included Hot Pie. I hope he makes a come back in Winterfell

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    Where is the episode 1 breakdown!? I felt sure you had decided to save it and drop it at 1 million subs but still not here.. :(

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    Summed up 7 seasons so expertly. Well done!

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    Are there any openly gay characters?

  • julien
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    You forgot about Cersei’s elephants.

  • NoneOfYour Beeswax
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    "Bran has no memory of the fall" - the hell you say! His comment about meeting "an old friend" makes absolutely no sense unless he _does_ recall it, as he has never, before or since, ever met Jamie Lannister. Why else would he ironically refer to him as an "old friend"? Why would he have any reason to greet his arrival personally? I know the books in particular make a big deal of that, but I think we can reasonably assume that in the TV show now that he is and has been the three-eyed Bran for some while now, clearly knows exactly what went down on that fateful day.

  • Julianne Rohm
    Julianne Rohm 2 ימים לפני

    Can Bran warg into one of the dead? the Night King, Viserion or any other of the white walkers? Someone probably already asked this, or did I miss something obvious on the show?

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    Thanks for making this vid. A great recap of characters from the past seasons and needed some backstory to remember

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